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【Workflow Development Platform】
It mainly provides an electronic workflow connection mechanism for the workflow of enterprise organizations or government agencies to fullfill an e-working environment.
​Workflow mainly is responsible for audit, approval, and countersign of various electronic forms. 
It is expected to provide the most complete electronic workflow solutions for government and enterprise employees, and build the most complete e-functional modules to achieve the management of paperless offices and greatly improve the efficiency of employees.
【Intelligent ExSale Forecast Collaboration  System】
1. Meet the sales forecast of the daily consumer goods industry and coordinate the operational needs.
2. Solve the complicated process and problems faced by the company to discuss sales forecasts.
3. Excel-like interface, easy to get started, and short time to implement it.
4. Business report presentation, fast sales forecast.
5. Function usage rights and data usage rights can be set.
6. Open architecture for integration with a variety of data.

【Integrated Event Auditing and Monitoring System】

For public officials, schools, legal persons, enterprises or groups that have been registered by the government, etc. To effectively monitor and monitor the operation system, database, website, mediation software, application system and other projects, it is the functional scope of the integrated event audit monitoring system.

It can also be used to prove that there is no negligence or unintentional violation of the new version of the capital law requirements, so that it can prove that it has been responsible for good management.

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