About Creasys

CREASYS was founded in 2005.

Why it call CREASYS? It is a combination of creation (CREAte) and system (SYStem) which means our love and passion for creating quality systems.

Today, it is one of the most professional information companies in Taiwan, offering a variety of software products created by us.

We focus on a variety of customized information services.

Develop a variety of useful and easy-to-use information systems and application software that can be used and benefited globally.
As a company, our revenue comes from providing customers with measurable results and cost-effective products and services that make these products and services helpful to you, as well as to your customers or employees.

Core Technology

  1.  Application software development and sales

  2.  System platform to build and maintenance

  3.  Information Technology Support Services

CREASYS Positioning


Create a variety of useful, easy to use information systems and application software. 

Make it universally accessible and helpful.


From user's point of view, create products and services that are valuable to the user.


Find operational challenges from different industries, create superior solutions and achieve the best in the world.


Emphasis on communication, mutual respect, self-reflection,

and  the pursuit of excellence.