In order to operate smoothly in the existing information environment, we must continue to properly deal with the following three problems:

  1. Large-scale technology investments increase the complexity of IT.

  2. The Internet has changed customer expectations for availability, cost and service.

  3. The new economic environment puts higher demands on tapping the value of existing assets and improving the return on investment.

This environment requires IT organizations to increase productivity while reducing operating costs.

Therefore, a consolidated infrastructure that enables more effective application development, deployment, and management is critical to building new applications, extending existing system connections, and integrating with enterprise systems.


  • An open, unified infrastructure; through an agile, scalable architecture that allows companies to quickly adapt to change and maintain a competitive edge.​

  • Effectively use development resources to improve production efficiency.


As shown, CIP integrates application servers and integration, portals, and development frameworks into an open, unified infrastructure.

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