CREASYS Workflow Engine System (CWES) 

Businesses around the world are looking for the best way to automate the process, through a process management platform to reduce overhead costs, shorten cycle times to increase operating efficiency, and to quantify the results of continuous process improvement.

Bussiness Process Model (BPM) scope mainly includes four parts:  Process Analysis and Construction,  Workflow Management, Enterprise Application Integration and Process Monitoring Management.
The scheduling, form management, and job monitoring specified in the process can be defined by BPM. The benefits that BPM can bring include:

  1. Standardize business processes.

  2. Process automation.

  3. Achieve teamwork.

  4. Continuous improvement process.


CREASYS Workflow Engine System (CWES) 

  • Designed specifically for the staff, because BPM from process design and deployment, as well as in the implementation process starts with the work, each step involves people. At the same time, companies also need to expand and inter-operate.

  • A stable and reliable BPM platform to meet the large-scale enterprise deployment, high transaction volume and complexity of back-end platform integration needs.

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