CREASYS ExSale Forecast Collaboration  System (Exsale)

  • Meet the sales forecast of the daily consumer goods industry and coordinate the operational needs.

In the daily consumer goods industry, the product line is complicated and lots of sales channels. In order to win the competition and catch customers eye, we must provide good quality products to customers at the lowest cost in the fastest time.
This makes correct and immediate product sales forecasting, inventory control and distribution management a key element of modern business success.

  • Solve the complicated process and problems faced by the company to discuss sales forecasts

Large enterprises have many items, especially in the daily consumer goods industry . they have lots of complicated front-end work, artificially-calculated formulas easy to make mistakes, and many people need to maintain Excel data in a queue, wasting labor costs and causing high cost, so that sales forecasts are not easy to be accurate. Exsale this product is the best solution. 

  • Excel-like interface, easy to get started, and short time to implement it

The interface is designed with Excel-like, which is easy to operate and easy for enterprise users to accept. When the system is introduced into the enterprise legacy system, it can greatly reduce the personnel and time costs of the enterprise and improve work efficiency.

  • Business report presentation, fast sales forecast

It offers a variety of business reports, so that each product under the branch company under each brand items, in accordance with the brand actual situation and forecast sales value, arranged in the same system screen.
Forecasters can perform predictive value adjustments based on their expertise and experience.

  • Function usage rights and data usage rights can be set

The sales forecasting process involves a large number of people, and the functions that can be used by each person and the information that can be changed are naturally different and limited.
When the sales forecasting meeting is over, the responsible personnel can lock the confirmed data to avoid changes or corrections of employees at different levels, resulting in different numbers before and after the meeting.

  • Open architecture for integration with a variety of data

The flexible setting function can be used to directly connect and capture the SAP system (an ERP system) of the target market and the POS system data of the point of sale. Finally, Exsale can integrate those data and assist enterprise in the future sales forecasting.

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