CREASYS Integrated Event Auditing and Monitoring System (IEAMS)

  • System function meets the needs of the operational unit audit monitoring

Government institutions, schools, legal persons, enterprises, or groups that have been registered by the government, etc., which have established information-related systems.

If they would like to effectively  monitor the operation system, database, website, mediation software, application system and other projects, it is the functional scope of the integrated event audit monitoring system.

  • Active collection and storage of system logs

The system log is an important element to understand whether a system is functioning properly. The IEAMS can actively collect and store the operating system operation log (syslog) including the server.
The IEAMS can collect: database management system's operational log (online log), the intermediate software system's various application server operation records, application system workflow records.

  • Provide a unified interface centralized management log

The more the number of information systems, the more complicated the management of system administrators is.
The IEAMS provides a unified management interface for system administrators to easily verify the environment and activities of each log data. Log data query results can be arranged before and after time, which is convenient for reproducing the original appearance of the event.


  • Provide application process design tools

The system designer or the operational unit can use the AP's process design tool to establish a system flow corresponding to the application system. The system administrator can audit and monitor each functional item according to the designed application system flow.

  • User-friendly system setting wizard

The IEAMS provides a setup wizard that simplifies complex system setup tasks, allowing managers to quickly make basic settings and make adjustments easy.​

  • Expanded flexibility

The IEAMS is designed in an open architecture, providing sufficient expansion flexibility for the system to meet the future extending needs of the operating unit.

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