Information Outsourcing Services

In view of the frequent management problems such as the shortage of information technology experts and the long-term maintenance of information systems,

we have extended the experience of introducing, designing, developing and integrating various large and medium-sized systems in the past years, and deployed the most professional and suitable information personnel for enterprises.

Create the best cost-effective information service team.
At present, we the Creasys has provided long-term information outsourcing services for many domestic enterprises, so that enterprises do not need to consume

non-business information management or system development, and they can focus more on the their own core competitiveness.

Type of service

● Information outsourcing services are mainly based on information system analysis, design and development, supplemented by information system introduce, management and maintenance. Provide appropriate engineer on site and execute related work items for the needs of customers.

● The information outsourcing team can be formed up in the following ways according to the actual needs of the customer : 

  1. Information department team

  2. Project development team

  3. Information technology consultant

  4. Project management manager

  5. System analysis, designer

  6. Programming, developer

  7. System management, operators

  8. System introduce and deployment personnel


Service features

● Quickly team up:
After a clear understanding of customer needs, we will select experienced and diverse talent groups and combine them into professional service teams to quickly meet the expectations of the company. Before the team members go to the client service, they will check the information of their academic experience, which can be reviewed or interviewed by the customer in advance.

● Provide stable service:
The persons who go to the client service are our regular employees. We are fully responsible for the selection and conducts of our employees, and we are committed to complying with all internal customer specifications. And through the internal appropriate reward system to improve the stability of staff's long-term service.

● Professional quality:
Our on-site people have more than two years of information-related work experience, college education or above, and graduated from information-related departments. And they continue to accept a variety of internal and external education and training courses to enhance self-technical capabilities, and quickly adapt to the challenges of various information work environments.

● Effective control performance:
We implement the PJC System (Project Management Control) to manage the performance of employees in the project. Understand exactly what service personnel to work on each project during the progress of the project, work analysis, attendance status, output performance, etc., to help customers take control of the job performance of the service personnel.

Service model: Take the project development team as an example
The manpower provided by the information outsourcing service is based on the needs of customers and Creasys on-site people focus on technology. Take the project development team as an example, the tasks of On-site Service Team members can be divided into TL, SA, SD, and PG.


  • TL (Team Leader):The leader of the Creasys on-site service team is responsible for the communication and coordination of project formation and customer needs, resource allocation, planning, supervision, and the progress of the control team, and is point of contact (POC) for customers.

  • SA (System Analyst):Discuss the specifications with the client SA Team and create a specification.

  • SD (System Designer):Design systems, analyze data, and build the system design documents (SDD) based on system requirements specification.

  • PG (ProGrammer):Design the program according to the SDD.

Key to success
● Provide a POC to reduce customer management costs:
As long as the job is assigned by team leader, team leader can run its own team and regularly report the progress of the work and complete its assignment according to the agreed deadline. Management costs and communication costs can be effectively reduced when multiple people are outsourcing.

● Efficient work management mode to improve work accuracy:
Accumulated multi-year project management mode, from receiving requirements to completion, there are certain process specifications to carry out various tasks, such as program production standard specifications, document production standard specifications, test standard specifications and so on.

● The close integration and support between front-end and back-end service personnel ensures that customer needs are indeed completed:
Front-end (On-site) engineers need assistance, and the back-end (Off-site) engineers can give them immediately and real-time support in order to guarantee customers to get the expected output.

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