Software Development Service

Provide customers with software design and construction services. In the software development cycle, project managers and professional consultants assist clients in clarifying project objectives. And communicate with the main users the operation of the actual process,

in order to carry out the individualized system architecture analysis and function design in the shortest time, coordinate the MIS of the customer to carry out data conversion between the old system and the new system. Furthermore, the most suitable architecture system framework recommendations are proposed, and the customer-specific operation mode is constructed to complete the software development as scheduled.

In addition, we can meet customer needs after the customer provides the complete system analysis documents, and then we will deliver the complete code and test documents.

Type of Service

  •  Java-based Information system or software development.

  • Windows-based Information system or software development.

Service features
● Customer orientation to achieve customer expectations:

To solve customer problems as the goal of software development, through continuous communication and verification, it will close to the business and technology needs of the company and achieve customer expectations of software.
Customer-oriented development processes include enterprise processes module, establishment of regulations, design and implementation, testing and deployment, and monitoring.
The performance-based response cycle allows customers to compare expected investment value with actual business outcomes and maximize corporate value with timely adjustments.

● Best process architecture to ensure development results:
The quality of a process architecture often determines the success or failure of software development. We understand that our customers expect better quality, lower risk, and continuous benefit from best practices.

Therefore, the flexible and certified RUP (Rational Unified Process) is used as the main development process architecture to assist software developers to complete development activities quickly and consistently.

RUP is built on the principle of repeated development. It consists of four main phases (Inception, Elaboration, Construction, Transition), each phase is developed in a specific order, and each has more than one recurring event.

These repetitive events use the main activities required to generate test instructions, allowing software developers to approve the architecture, validate scope, and identify initial risks in the project cycle.

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