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System Integration Service

A successful system integration project is not only a fully functional and stable system, but also a good system integration method and the people who execute integration have professional and good  attitude. They are essential success factors.

We have accumulated a lot of practical experience in the successful introduction of the project, and analyzed and integrated it in a scientific spirit, and developed the 3S (Simplification, Standardization, Specialization) process to the integration project and used explicit and effective auxiliary tools.

The 3S standard integration process is divided into 10 stages and 20 work items. According to the actual situation of the customer, the working day, the steps of the project to system integration process and the work items of each stage are planned as the standard integration plan. In the process of project implementation, through the guidance of professional people, in the optimized process, through the use of auxiliary tools, the whole process is transparent and the customer can easily control the whole situation to ensure the quality, time and cost of the project.

Service of system type

  • Enterprise Report System (RS)

  • Business Intelligent System (BIS)

  • Knowledge Management System (KM)

  • Business Process Management System (BPM)

  • Human Resource Management System (HR)

  • Enterprise Information Portal System (EIP)

  • Heterogeneous system integration (for ex. Horizontally integrated architecture solution)

Service feature
● Complete considerations:

      For the user of each level of system, consider the intimate considerations, such as:

  1. Management: Provides instant multi-function queries, complete management analysis reports, and more.

  2. User: User-friendly interface, reasonable judgment of data, can avoid the human input error.

  3. Information personnel: Consider strict control points and hierarchical permission settings, and complete control with actual needs.

● Fully responsibility:
When introducing system planning for customers, we will provide professional, complete and all-round services and form different teams according to industry characteristics.
From system planning → signing → coaching online → acceptance → follow-on service, the project leader will participate in the whole process to provide our trusted service for customers.

● Education and Training: During the system's go-live, our full-time education and training staff will conduct on-the-spot counseling to speed up users' familiarity with system functions and interfaces, and to maintain data quality and fast online.

● Subsequent maintenance: After the system is online, even if the customer's business grows up or needs to expand the system due to business needs, we can meet its future needs and will not let the customer's system become an orphan.