Education & Training Service

Gathering of professionals and to assist them continued to improve, for business excellence, sustainable survival.
In order to satisfy our customers' desire for self-improvement, we specially plan professional consultants to teach and provide the most intimate and appropriate education and training services to meet the busy customers. Its faculty members are lecturers who have rich practical experience and are certified by professional consultants.
In addition to the teaching content based on practical experience, we can also plan the first-level, advanced, application, certification and other grades or packages according to the needs and degree of the client. The lessons are with specially designed after-school assessment and special exercises, so the customers not only easy learn but also more specialized and effective.
We will help companies continue to enhance their competitiveness and ensure that their investment in information is never wasted.

Type of Service

  • Project management course

  • System analysis and design technology course

  • Programming technology course

  • Database management technology course

  • System and network engineering technology course

  • Information security management technology course.

  • Office application technology course

  • Web design application technology course

  • 3D animation design technology course

  • Various educational training courses planned according to project needs


Key factors for successful talent training


Service Features

● Indeed implement education and training:
We have an education and training team from training lesson planning, design to execution.A complete training should include curriculum planning and design from the beginning, textbook production, and subsequent course execution and after-school tutoring. All training content is designed according to the characteristics of the students, so that the students can truly understand the course content and avoid the problem of course content too difficult or too easy course.

● Certification from the inside:
Each link is subject to internal training certification. Only the internal training certification can provide the best training effect for the students.
The internal certification includes: training materials certification, training instructor certification and training process certification.

● Teaching content that the students can understand:
Measuring an effective training is not based on the knowledge that the lecturer teaches in the classroom or the excellent experience that he has. It is based on the learning effect and actual absorption that the student actually gets in the course. . The teaching characteristics of the lecturer :​

  1. Use case teaching and practical feedback to enhance the absorption of non-intuitive concepts.

  2. The combination of theory and industry practical experience fully grasps the direction of learning.

  3. The interactive teaching of two-way communication enhances learning outcomes.

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